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Letter by H C Russell, 30 May 1889

May 30, 2009

12 Sydney Observatory May 30 1889 L Kingsmill Esquire Dear Sir Your letter of May 29 with newspaper just received. And in reply I would advise you to take no notice whatever of what anyone may say either in the newspaper or out of it so long as you know that you do your duty: I have good reason for believing that your measures of the rainfall are quite correct because I have compared them with other carefully kept records and the mere fact that two gauges differ in a rainstorm is nothing to those who understand the matter.

Letter by H C Russell, 12 March 1891

March 12, 2009

167-168 March 12th Thomas Beard Esqre Cattatunda Sta Dear Sir Yours of March 9th reac me in due course and I am muc obliged to you for sending me the infor about the extraordinary storm on Mar 1st.

Letter by G R Smalley, 22 June 1869

June 22, 2008

Government Observatory June 22nd 1869 Sir I have the honor to enclose Vouchers in part adjustment of the advance for Rain Gauges in 1868. The balance shall be adjusted as soon as possible after the rest of the instruments are made and tested.