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Letter by H C Russell, 12 March 1891

March 12, 2009

167-168 March 12th Thomas Beard Esqre Cattatunda Sta Dear Sir Yours of March 9th reac me in due course and I am muc obliged to you for sending me the infor about the extraordinary storm on Mar 1st.

Letter by H C Russell, 29 January 1891

January 29, 2009

131-132 Janry 29th RJ Campbell Esqre Licensed Surveyor Dear Sir Your letter of 17th duly received I am much obliged for the promise of observations. which will render the record of that district more complete although we have now rain records all round Alectown.

Letter by H C Russell, 26 January 1901

January 26, 2009

505 Jan 26 1 Sir In reply to your request for particulars as to the heavy rain storm on Jan 21st 1901. On three general occasions in past years rain has been recorded at the Observatory at the rate of 6 inches per hour for short intervals.

Letter by H C Russell, 15 December 1890

December 15, 2008

36 Observatory 15th Dec 1890 Dear Mr Scott I am sending you an interviewers report of a talk with Wragge a few days since I thought you would like to see It as an instance of the way to work a reviewer.

Letter by H C Russell, 1 December 1870

December 1, 2008

1 Decr 0 My dear Sir I am preparing an abstract of all the meteorological observations I can obtain for the Colony up to the end of 1869. I should deem it a favour if you will allow me to publish your rainfall observations and for that purpose send me the total amount of rain for each year and the number of days on which rain fell for all the years you have.

Letter by H C Russell, 12 November 1890

November 12, 2008

Observatory November 12 1890 James C Leslie Esqre Corowa My Dear Sir I am much obliged to you for sending me the very interesting account of the parhelia observed on October 10th. It is a rare phenomena in these latitudes and therefore the more important when it is seen.

Letter by H A Lenehan, 3 November 1887

November 3, 2008

339/87 Mr John Reid Yabralong 3/11/87 We have at present time a number of stations in the locality of Dawaloo but if Mr Richards undertakes to send daily telegrams of the state of weather and rain when it occurs, together with the filling in and forwarding of monthly reports to this office I may be able to let him have the rain gauge you desire him to have, but it must be distinctly understood that returns are to be sent regularly (whether rain falls during month or not) – the other condition being that the work is to be done without salary.

Letter by H C Russell, 13 October 1891

October 13, 2008

200 Oct 13th S. Alexander Esqre Police Magi Goulburn Dear Sir Yours of Oct 10th 1891 duly to hand. I am much obliged for your kindness in calling my attention to the omission of Goulburn from the rain table in the Herald.

Letter by H C Russell, 6 October 1870

October 6, 2008

150 October 6th 1870 Dear Sir I will pay the cost of covering the Evaporator. It is not necessary to bring it indoors when it rains and will interfere with the results, as it was intended to receive the rain and being like the rain gauge 8 inches in diameter to extract the weight of rain from the weight of Evaporator.

Letter by H C Russell, 4 October 1870

October 4, 2008

144 Sydney Observatory October 4 1870 Sir I have again to urge your compliance with printed instructions for you still send in your rain measures in decimals both in your daily returns and monthly.

Letter by H C Russell, 23 September 1870

September 23, 2008

A closer view of the same letter: 137 Sept 23 0 Sir I forward by this mail a supply of forms which please use for Monthly Returns; if you do not receive a book before you are ready to begin use one of the forms for making your daily entry.

Letter by H C Russell, 18 September 1889

September 18, 2008

135 Sydney Observatory 18th September 1889 ?? Griffin Esqre ?? for the United States of America My dear Sir In reply to yours of yesterday I have the honour to forward herewith certain pamphlets &c which I hope may be of some service.

Letter by H C Russell, 5 September 1870

September 5, 2008

Govt Observatory Sept 5 1870 Sir When rain falls into the evaporator it is not necessary to reduce the weight to 12 lbs when the fall of rain should be more than sufficient to fill the evaporator which will seldom if ever occur.

Letter by H C Russell, 31 July 1873

July 31, 2008

705 Sydney Observatory 31 July 1873 Sir I have the honor to request that some repairs may be effected to the Roof of the Observatory house and repairs effected to the ceilings of four rooms two of which have been damaged by the recent rain.

Letter by H C Russell, 25 July 1889

July 25, 2008

Observatory July 25 1889 Dear Mr Symons Your letter of June 14th just to hand. I am sorry to hear you are overworked but I know a perfect cure for it. Just come out and see us in this sunny land and all the symptoms will vanish to the ether.