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Letter by H C Russell, 30 May 1889

May 30, 2009

12 Sydney Observatory May 30 1889 L Kingsmill Esquire Dear Sir Your letter of May 29 with newspaper just received. And in reply I would advise you to take no notice whatever of what anyone may say either in the newspaper or out of it so long as you know that you do your duty: I have good reason for believing that your measures of the rainfall are quite correct because I have compared them with other carefully kept records and the mere fact that two gauges differ in a rainstorm is nothing to those who understand the matter.

Letter by H C Russell, 15 May 1889

May 15, 2009

Observatory 15 May 1889 Chas H Caswell Esquire Dear Sir A full answer to your questions would involve a knowledge of the rainfall and climate of the other colonies as full and complete as that which has been published for this colony, and that has not been made possible either for the Victoria or South Australia both are behind hand in the publishing which give the required information rain has been measured there; but abstracts such as would be this case have not been published.

Letter by W Scott, 9 May 1857

May 9, 2009

28 11 Macquarie St. South Sydney May 9th 1857 57/50 Sir Your request for a copy of the registry of rainfall at Sydney for as long a period as possible was referred to me for the first time yesterday.

Letter by H A Lenehan, 5 April 1887

April 5, 2009

61/87 Sydney Observatory April 5th 1887 Mr. L. Houp Woolgoolga 'The Grafton' Dear Sir Your note of 17th ultimo in which you offered to record the rainfall in your locality I received a few days ago and have delayed replying until I found out if we had a station in your neighborhood.

Letter by H C Russell, 17 January 1891

January 17, 2009

106-107 Janry 17 John Mackay Esqre Clover Bank My dear sir Many thanks for your letter of Jan 14th enclosing copy of your river record from April 9th to Janry 14 of this year. From this it would appear that the total fall in the interval was 52ft 4 ½ in and 3ft: yet to fall would make the river at end of April allowing for small rises 13ft 4 ¾ in 42ft 6in above summer level.

Letter by H C Russell, 12 January 1891

January 12, 2009

71 Janry 12th My Dear Sir I have just received yours of 7th Instant and hope that ere this you you have received a supply of forms. Thermometers I shall be able to send to you shortly. In entering the rain please omit the Decimal points.

Letter by H C Russell, 8 January 1891

January 8, 2009

63 Janry 8th 0 Dear Sir I am much obliged to you For sending me in your letter of Dec 22 a copy of your letter to the Age. The views you have there expressed for the most part agree with my own: but I have never been able to find any evidence to bear out the statement in your letter that “All Meteorologists will readily admit that it is impossible to in any way operate upon the distribution of surface moisture without directly affecting the distribution of rainfall.” Indeed experience seems to …… …… Exactly opposite conclusion.

Letter by H C Russell, 7 January 1891

January 7, 2009

Pg 61 Janry 7 1891 Sir I have the honour herewith to enclose particulars of Rainfall in the Tumut District for the period referred to in your Letter of Jan 2nd 90/15067. I have no records of The River heights at Tumut.

Letter by H C Russell, 5 January 1871

January 5, 2009

232 Sydney Observatory 5 January 1870 My dear Sir I have recently made an effort to collect information about the rainfall of this Colony prior to 1840: and have enough to satisfy me that meteorological observations were taken at the Parramatta Observatory, but such as I have so far obtained is quite insufficient for my purpose which is if possible to trace back to the early days of the colony a rainfall period which is manifest in more recent years.

Letter by H C Russell, 19 December 1890

December 19, 2008

39 Observatory 19 Dec 90 Revd J Shaw “The Parsonage” Dear Sir I am in receipt of your letter of 18th December in reference to the publication of rainfall report for Dungog for the month of September last.

Letter by G R Smalley, 6 December 1869

December 6, 2008

Royal Observatory Sydney Decr 6th 1869 Sir In my progress Report June the 4th last I pointed out the unexpected difficulties and expenses attending the measurement of the Base Line at Lake George.

Letter by H C Russell, 13 November 1890

November 13, 2008

Observatory 13th November 90 The Postmaster Warren Sir I have sent you several circulars calling for Returns of the temperature Rainfall & weather at Warren during 1889 & the present year of which you have not taken any notice.

Letter by H A Lenehan, 11 September 1887

September 11, 2008

269/87 Sydney Observatory Sept 11th 1887 Dear Mr Wragge Thanks for your kind attention to the matter of the delayed telegrams. On the day I missed you Mr Wilson the acting assistant superintendent to whom I applied at our telegraph office said the delay was at your end of line & quoted the time they were despatched from the Brisbane office in proof of it – however the very next day I had occasion to draw his attention to a local delay where the message had been filed and delayed at the Sydney office for over 3 hours, since then they have arrived in good time, and I sincerely hope the waking up and trouble caused each of us will expedite matters in the future.

Letter by H C Russell, 1 September 1870

September 1, 2008

Govt Observatory Sept 1st 70 The Station Master Orange The Broken Thermometer is useless and you can throw it away. I will send you another by rail and coach tomorrow. but do not let the want of this instrument delay you in sending in ??