Letter by H C Russell, 17 May 1871

May 17, 2009

387-388 Sydney Observatory 17 May 1871 Dear Sir I take the opportunity to send you some further notes about γ?? Argus. The enclosed paper contains the only print I have of a paper read before our Royal Society for the purpose of making known here the history of γ ??

Letter by H C Russell, 28 December 1874

December 28, 2008

764 Govt Observatory 28th December 1874 Sir I have the honor to request authority to sell the following Instruments which are of no use to the Observatory now that the Transit of Venus is over. 5 inch telescope and stand 4¼ inch “ “ 10¾ inch silvered glass reflector & stand 2 small Equatorial stands 2 Temporary wooden observatories??