Russell (H. C.)

Letter by H C Russell, 2 April 1873

April 2, 2009

690 Sydney Observatory 2 April 1873 Sir Since my return I have looked carefully at your returns and am very much ?? with what I see, viz: an evident want of care not especially?? as ?? doing the thermometer?

Letter by H A Lenehan, 31 March 1887

March 31, 2009

Sydney Observatory March 31st 1887 55/87 Dear Sir Replying to your of the 28th inst the Walcha evaporation is the average annual evaporation for the last four years. It seems excessive but the conditions under which the record is made are not the same as a tank or waterhole the record is made from a can which has its sides exposed to the sun and wind and gives a greater reading, but it is the only result in your locality.

Letter by H C Russell, 30 March 1891

March 30, 2009

170 Observatory March 30 1891 Sir I have the honour to recommend that the staircase leading to the North Dome in the Observatory may be turned round. in order to make more space in the rooms below the Dome.

Letter by H C Russell, 29 March 1871

March 29, 2009

352 Govt Observatory 29 March 1871 The Cashier of the General Post Office Sir Please give the bearer for the use of the Observatory the following stamps: 100 sixpenny £2—10—0 1200 twopenny 10—0—0 600 penny 2—10—0 £15—0—0 H C Russell Govt Astronomer

Letter by H C Russell, 28 March 1871

March 28, 2009

347 Sydney Observatory 28 March 1871 Dear Sir I am very much obliged for the information you were kind enough to send. I am most anxious to collect information about auroras because I think the will yet indicate important scientific truth after which we have to work and wait so patiently.

Letter by H C Russell, 27 March 1871

March 27, 2009

344 Sydney Observatory 27 March 1871 Sir I have the honor to request leave of absence from the 29th March to the 12th April next: for the purpose of visiting Melbourne and there making arrangements which are necessary to connect the Magnetic Survey of this Colony with that of Victoria:and also for preliminary managements for an Eclipse Expedition – I have the honor to be Sir Your Obedient Servant H.

Letter by H C Russell, 27 March 1871

March 27, 2009

350 and 353 Sydney Observatory 27 March 1871 Sir I have the honor to report that the Instruments in the Observatory were on Saturday last placed in great danger by the discharge of Cannon on the Observatory Hill.

Letter by H C Russell, 25 March 1871

March 25, 2009

342 Sydney Observatory 25 March 1871 Sir Referring to your Circular 81—1958 I have the honor to inform you that the only Balance of Vote for the Observatory in 1870 that will be required amounts to £0-19-9 on the Books Vote and is wanted to meet liabilities in England of which the particulars have not yet been received – I have the honor to be Sir Your Obedient Servant H C Russell Govt Astronomer The Principal Under Secretary

Letter by H C Russell, 24 March 1871

March 24, 2009

338 Govt Observatory Sydney March 24 1871 Dear Sir The deep interest you have expressed in the Nebula about 7 August assures me that you will excuse the liberty I have taken in addressing you upon the subject.

Letter by H C Russell, 23 March 1871

March 23, 2009

336-7 Sydney Observatory 23 March 1871 Sir In reference to the enclosed letter 71/1900 I have the honor to report as follows: In February last our?? surveyor Dearing wrote to me?? for certain information about the Magnetic variation at Sydney, and asked: “Is the variation moving westerly now”?

Letter by H C Russell, 21 March 1871

March 21, 2009

332 Sydney Observatory 21st March 1871 Dear Sir I now send 50 copies of Nebula. I have folded one copy in the way I would like it done and marked the edge to be attached so that it will open conveniently.

Letter by H C Russell, 20 March 1863

March 20, 2009

Observatory March 20th/63 Sir I have the honor to inform you, that I have received no reply to my letter February 29, 1863, requesting authority to pay out of the vote for contingent services for 1863, an outstanding claim of 1862 to the amount of one pound, 18 shillings for contingent services.

Letter by H C Russell, 18 March 1889

March 18, 2009

Sydney Observatory 18 March 1889 Mr Valentine Hynes Esquire Dear Sir Your letter of sixth instant duly received today. The subject seems to be some political discussion which I do not understand and can therefore offer no opinion upon.

Letter by H C Russell, 17 March 1871

March 17, 2009

330 Sydney Observatory 17 March 1871 Dear Sir Mr Donaldson informed me that he has sent the meteorological Instruments I forwarded to him; to you and that you will forward the usual returns. I shall be very glad to receive from you such meteorological information as you may find time to send for the climate of Bourke is a matter of great interest from a scientific point of view – especially the amount of rain and the direction and force of the wind as these features are connected with the winds, and of course the climate of the whole Colony.

Letter by H C Russell, 16 March 1871

March 16, 2009

328 Govt Observatory 16 March 1871 My dear Capt Hixson In reference to our conversation this afternoon the chief points of interest in auroras are as follows: 1st The Time first seen and end: any repetition the same night and the times observed 2nd The color or Colors and whether these change 3rd The altitude of the upper limit of the aurora, in parts of the distance from the horizon to the Zenith.