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Letter by H C Russell, 11 March 1872

March 11, 2009

588 11 March My dear Sir I am sorry that I made a use of your note to me that you did not intend, but I think you do not see it quite in the right light. The Time Ball is a most important matter affecting the shipping and if the ??

Letter by W Scott, 20 October 1860

October 20, 2008

Observatory Sydney October 20th 1860 60/36 My dear Sir I have proposed to the government of NSWales the following arrangement that the superintendents at the Principal Telegraph Stations be instructed to communicate with one another at the commencement of any serious gale stating the direction of the wind and the time of commencement.

Letter by W Scott, 4 September 1868

September 4, 2008

Observatory Sydney Sept 4th 1868 Sir Since writing to you on the subject of Compass corrections I have been favored by Mr Thompson with a drawing and description of Pinkey’s Compass Corrector. The object of that Instrument is to determine the errors of the compass at any time during a long voyage; this it undoubtedly will do under favourable circumstances, that is, the Latitude being known, the weather fair and the sun or some known bright star visible.