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Letter by H C Russell, 19 November 1875

November 19, 2008

788 19 Nov 5 My dear Mr Simms I hope by the time this reaches you the Transit Circle will be finished and packed for shipment. My need for it is now greater than ever indeed work for our Trigonometrical Survey is waiting until we get it.

Letter by H C Russell, 30 October 1875

October 30, 2008

30 October 5 My dear Sir I acknowledge with many thanks your valuable letter of August 18th. It will I have no doubt induce the people here to take still more interest in astronomy, and it shall not be for want of effort on my part if we do not do our best future, especially with regard to the particular objects you mention.

Letter by H C Russell, 28 October 1875

October 28, 2008

780 Observatory 28th October 1875 Sir Owing to the great increase in price of all astronomical Instruments the sum of £700 which I was authorized to spend on a New Transit Instrument was only enough for the Instrument without microscope.