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Letter by H C Russell, 20 September 1870

September 20, 2008

135 Govt Observatory Sydney September 20 1870 Mr J Browning Dear Sir By last mail to England I wrote to you requesting you to send me a spectroscope suited to a Refracting Telescope of 7¼ aperture and 10 feet 4 inches focal length suited to general work but specially stars and comets also a glass prism 1¼ inch plane face for same instrument (Sun observations).

Letter by H C Russell, 6 September 1870

September 6, 2008

119 Government Observatory Sydney September 6 1870 Mr Browning Dear Sir I have just been appointed Astronomer for New South Wales and am very anxious to possess as soon as I can get it, a good spectroscope suitable for star or comet work.