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Letter by W Scott, 9 April 1859

April 9, 2009

Observatory Sydney April 9 1859 59/38 Sir I enclose a check for the amount expended by you on account of the Meteorological Observatory. I presume you understand that the thermometer stand is not to be placed in or near any building but in an open space protected by fencing from cattle or mischief of persons.

Letter by H A Lenehan, 4 April 1887

April 4, 2009

Sydney Observatory April 4th 1887 W J Goyden Esquire Dear Sir I regret the breakage of the thermometer as we have only a few left in stock and the risk of breakage by post is so great that I would be pleased if any person from your locality was in Sydney you would ask him to call and take charge of a new one for you.

Letter by W Scott, 5 March 1858

March 5, 2009

Observatory Sydney March 5 1858 58/37 Sir I regret to hear that one of the thermometers has been broken by an undue application of heat. No head should be applied greater than that of the hand. In future the Observers will be held answerable for instruments broken through want of care, or in judicious treatment.

Letter by H C Russell, 18 February 1871

February 18, 2009

292 Sydney Observatory 18 Feb 1871 Sir The Max thermometer is purposely made as you describe yours so that it records the High temperature for each day and it must be shaken back to its place at 9am each day.

Letter by H C Russell, 8 February 1900

February 8, 2009

243 Condobolin Post Master Condobolin Your max temperature unsatisfactory too high have you moved the maximum thermometer. H C Russell Observatory February 8

Letter by W Scott, 29 December 1857

December 29, 2008

41 11 Macquarie St. South Sydney Dec. 29th 1857 57/69 Sir You will oblige me by some information on the following points 1st the safe arrival of the Meteorological Instruments. 2 What steps you have taken (if any) towards the establishment of the Observatory.

Letter by W Scott, 11 December 1858

December 11, 2008

Observatory Sydney Dec 11th 1858 58/111 Madam I beg to suggest that in future letters from me to Miss Dalton, as they can contain nothing of a private nature, should be opened by the person in charge of the observations – the publication of the monthly summary has been delayed a month waiting for an answer to my last letter.

Letter by H C Russell, 27 October 1870

October 27, 2008

27 October My dear Sir I am much obliged for the abstract of months for 1869 if you could give me the same for 1867 & 1868 I would be much obliged I have your Book to the end of 1866. Several evenings lately I have thought the southern sky looked auroral, but the continued dense clouds here prevented me from seeing anything and with the lurid light from the city at night and especially from some manufactory due south and near Botany it is very difficult to distinguish between the artificial and the real aurora.

Letter by H C Russell, 13 September 1870

September 13, 2008

128 Sept 13 0 The Station Master Kiandra Sir Previous to your taking charge of the Instruments at Kiandra they gave correct results. I have therefore thought it necessary to send you the enclosed instructions for observing Thermometers and request that you will be guided by them.

Letter by H C Russell, 3 September 1870

September 3, 2008

112 Govt Observatory Sept 3 1870 Dear Sir I am sorry to hear such a bad account of the Max ‘Ther’??, none of those bought for the new stations were first class but the funds would only pay for such as they are.

Letter by H C Russell, 1 September 1870

September 1, 2008

Govt Observatory Sept 1st 70 The Station Master Orange The Broken Thermometer is useless and you can throw it away. I will send you another by rail and coach tomorrow. but do not let the want of this instrument delay you in sending in ??

Letter by W Scott, 29 July 1859

July 29, 2008

59/54 Observatory Sydney July 29th 1859 Sir I send you this day per ‘Jenny Lind’ the following packages for the proposed meteorological observatory at Rockhampton. 1 Case containing 4 thermometers, Observing Book Return sheets and Instructions 1 Case with Barometer 2 Packages thermometer stand – 1 Case with Vane The remaining Instruments namely Sun thermometer and Rain Gauge I am unable at present to obtain but hope to receive them from England in about two months when they will be forwarded – It is desirable that the observations with the Instruments now sent should be commenced as soon as the necessary arrangements can be made.

Letter by W Scott, 28 July 1858

July 28, 2008

Observatory Sydney July 28th 1858 Sir There will be sent to you this day via Grafton (to the care of Mr Shoveller) a maximum shade thermometer requiring no erection. Allow me to suggest that the striking of the Index in the minimum thermometer may perhaps be prevented by inclining the Instrument a little, so that the descent of the Index may be assisted by its own weight.

Letter by W Scott, 11 July 1860

July 11, 2008

Observatory Sydney July 11th 1860 60/25 Sir I am sorry to find that you are unable to perform the duties of the Meteorological Observer. With regard to the appointment of Mr Boardman I shall feel obliged if you will satisfy yourself respecting these points.

Letter by H A Lenehan, 7 July 1887

July 7, 2008

164/87 Sydney Observatory July 7th 1887 Dear Sir Your June return to hand this morning + memo stating you had received maximum thermometer all right. You have omitted the temperature readings from the June return and I will feel obliged if when forwarding your July report you will include temperature readings + remarks as to ??