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Letter by H C Russell, 24 April 1871

April 24, 2009

369 Govt Observatory 24 April 1871 Sir I have the honor to request that you will take the necessary steps to have some repairs to the vane and Time Ball machinery effected. The vane will not show the direction of the wind being too stiff to turn.

Letter by W Scott, 9 April 1859

April 9, 2009

Observatory Sydney April 9 1859 59/38 Sir I enclose a check for the amount expended by you on account of the Meteorological Observatory. I presume you understand that the thermometer stand is not to be placed in or near any building but in an open space protected by fencing from cattle or mischief of persons.

Letter by W Scott, 28 December 1857

December 28, 2008

11 Macquarie St. South Sydney Dec. 28th 1857 57/67 Sir I have to request that you will send me as soon as possible some account of the Meteorological Instruments left in your charge, also the monthly duplicates of the observations made by you from the commencement to the 31st Instant.

Letter by W Scott, 26 December 1857

December 25, 2008

36 57/64 Sydney Dec. 26th 1857 Sir I have to request that you will now proceed with the erection of the Vane and Lightning Conductor. All that is required is to lead a half inch iron rod from the lower part of the Vane Rod along the roof and into the ground at the back of the Hospital.

Letter by W Scott, 29 July 1859

July 29, 2008

59/54 Observatory Sydney July 29th 1859 Sir I send you this day per ‘Jenny Lind’ the following packages for the proposed meteorological observatory at Rockhampton. 1 Case containing 4 thermometers, Observing Book Return sheets and Instructions 1 Case with Barometer 2 Packages thermometer stand – 1 Case with Vane The remaining Instruments namely Sun thermometer and Rain Gauge I am unable at present to obtain but hope to receive them from England in about two months when they will be forwarded – It is desirable that the observations with the Instruments now sent should be commenced as soon as the necessary arrangements can be made.

Letter by W Scott, 24 June 1858

June 24, 2008

Observatory Sydney June 24th 1858 58/72 Sir In reply to your letter of 19th Inst I beg to state that your resignation of the office of Meteorological Observer at Albury is accepted. A certificate for salary from Janry 1st to June 30th 1858 will be forwarded to you on receipt of your return for June.