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Letter by H C Russell, 31 May 1871

May 31, 2009

405 Sydney Observatory May 31st 1871 Dear Sir I have to acknowledge with thanks the receipt of your Weather Tables. The leading principles may be clear enough to yourself but I have not yet been able to understand them, especially what is meant by Magnetism.

Letter by H C Russell, 13 March 1871

March 13, 2009

591 and 592 13 March Observatory Dear Sir I was just about writing to you re returns when your letter came. I am sorry you should think that perhaps I considered New Caledonia of secondary importance.

Letter by H C Russell, 27 January 1891

January 28, 2009

A letter dated 28 January was not found during this project so this 27 January letter is published instead. 126-127 Janry 27th H.A. Glyde Esqre Deniliquin Dear Sir I duly received you letter of Janry 20th with the accompanying 11 photographs for which I am very much obliged to you.

Letter by H C Russell, 18 November 1890

November 18, 2008

Page 27 Observatory Sydney Nov 18th 90 Dear Mr Archibald I regret giving you the trouble of writing for the letter to Mr Todd. I had not forgotten it. …………. the advertisements did not think ……… wanted it so soon.

Letter by H C Russell, 13 November 1890

November 13, 2008

Observatory 13th November 90 The Postmaster Warren Sir I have sent you several circulars calling for Returns of the temperature Rainfall & weather at Warren during 1889 & the present year of which you have not taken any notice.

Letter by H A Lenehan, 3 November 1887

November 3, 2008

339/87 Mr John Reid Yabralong 3/11/87 We have at present time a number of stations in the locality of Dawaloo but if Mr Richards undertakes to send daily telegrams of the state of weather and rain when it occurs, together with the filling in and forwarding of monthly reports to this office I may be able to let him have the rain gauge you desire him to have, but it must be distinctly understood that returns are to be sent regularly (whether rain falls during month or not) – the other condition being that the work is to be done without salary.

Letter by W Scott, 23 October 1861

October 23, 2008

61/49 Observatory Sydney Oct 23rd 1861 Sir In reply to your letter of 22nd Inst I beg to inform you that I know nothing of the Barometer and weather chart that you mention as having been sent to you.

Letter by H A Lenehan, 7 July 1887

July 7, 2008

164/87 Sydney Observatory July 7th 1887 Dear Sir Your June return to hand this morning + memo stating you had received maximum thermometer all right. You have omitted the temperature readings from the June return and I will feel obliged if when forwarding your July report you will include temperature readings + remarks as to ??