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Letter by H C Russell, 27 January 1891

January 28, 2009

A letter dated 28 January was not found during this project so this 27 January letter is published instead. 126-127 Janry 27th H.A. Glyde Esqre Deniliquin Dear Sir I duly received you letter of Janry 20th with the accompanying 11 photographs for which I am very much obliged to you.

Letter by W Scott, 20 October 1860

October 20, 2008

Observatory Sydney October 20th 1860 60/36 My dear Sir I have proposed to the government of NSWales the following arrangement that the superintendents at the Principal Telegraph Stations be instructed to communicate with one another at the commencement of any serious gale stating the direction of the wind and the time of commencement.