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Cosmic Chronicles A User’s guide to the Universe


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LONGLISTED for the 2020 ABIA Small Publisher’s Adult Book of the Year Are we alone in the Universe? Where did the Moon come from? How do we know what stars are made of? Could there really be a future in asteroid mining? In Cosmic Chronicles, Fred Watson – Australia’s Astronomer-at-Large and bestselling author – explores the hottest topics in space science and astronomy.  Watson presents the most up-to-date knowledge on everything from light echoing around the cosmos, the mechanics of black holes and how to navigate the hidden delights of nightfall, to the most profound questions facing humankind. With mind-bending stories from the frontiers of science, Cosmic Chronicles is an expert’s view of what we know and how we know it.

‘Despite the complexity of the Universe, you feel as though you’ve always been part of unravelling its mysteries as you read Fred Watson’s entertaining new book. You will explore its history, spot things in the night sky you’ve never noticed before, and if you’re hoping for a wild new travel adventure, you’ll learn how to go to space without contaminating the cosmos with pesky earthly microbes. Bonus!’ — Amanda Bauer, head of education and public outreach, Large Synoptic Survey Telescope ‘Fred Watson’s new book, Cosmic Chronicles: A user’s guide to the Universe, is a superb romp through the historical, cultural and scientific astronomical phenomena that surround us every day. Fred is a national treasure for his witty and incisive descriptions of science, fun and interesting to all. The book spans medieval astronomers to NASA deep space missions and even includes Goldilocks and The Terminator (revealed as serene and even romantic).’


Publisher: New South Publishing
Country of Publication: AU
Dimensions (cm): 23.4 x 15.3

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Dimensions 23.4 x 15.3 cm
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