The Tinytoreum: Gunna the Goanna’s BIG IDEAS


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Discover Gunna the goanna’s big ideas in this book of bird-to-wombat sized treasures from the Powerhouse Museum, with words and illustrations by award-winning author Jackie French and artist Bruce Whatley.

The Tinytoreum takes you to the world of Shaggy Gully where bush-genius George ‘Gunna’ Goanna began his career as an inventor. Using just his imagination and whatever bits and pieces he could find, Gunna created many fabulous things for his friends and family. This book showcases just a few of them.

This is the story that Jackie French and Bruce Whatley came up with when we invited them to weave a tale around these smaller-than-life-size objects from the Museum’s collection. The result is a journey of the imagination that brings these little things to life in a surprising, funny and extremely inventive way.

As you will see these objects are just the right size to be made by a Gunna with goanna-sized hands. But not everything is exactly tiny. Some are models of much bigger things. Some had useful lives as small things. Some are complex miniatures and a few were toys before Gunna got hold of them.

And for those who really want to know, we have included what the objects actually are at the end of the book.

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Jackie French and Bruce Whatley


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