Looking back 13 billion years into the constellation of Fornax and seeing 10,000 galaxies

Astronomy: Space is Big

Learners will dive deep into space during this program, where they will use real astronomy tools to uncover the secrets of the solar system. This hands-on workshop will begin with your class exploring the major features of the Universe in Sydney Observatory’s digital planetarium. Using mirrors and lenses, learners will make simple telescopes, and examine how their evolving technology has helped us to understand the Universe. If weather permits, learners will even look through a professional telescope to see objects in the sky – who knows what they’ll discover!

Please note: 5:00 pm session only available May through July, 6:30 pm and 8:15 pm sessions only available April through September.

Plan Your Experience

All the information you need to plan your visit is available on the Sydney Observatory venue page, including:

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Curriculum Links

NSW Incorporating Australian Curriculum

Link Description
SC5-12ESdescribes changing ideas about the structure of the Earth and the universe to illustrate how models, theories and laws are refined over time by the scientific community
SC5-1VAappreciates the importance of science in their lives and the role of scientific inquiry in increasing understanding of the world around them
SC5-4WSdevelops questions or hypotheses to be investigated scientifically
SC5-6WSundertakes first-hand investigations to collect valid and reliable data and information, individually and collaboratively
SC5-7WSprocesses, analyses and evaluates data from first-hand investigations and secondary sources to develop evidence-based arguments and conclusions
SC5-9WSpresents science ideas and evidence for a particular purpose and to a specific audience, using appropriate scientific language, conventions and representations
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