The terminator between night and day as seen by Apollo 11

Astronomy: The Earth-Sun Relationship

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Learners will dive deep into Earth and Space during this program, where they will use models, augmented reality and observations to investigate the Earth Sun relationship. In a hands on approach they will use augmented reality to revise the cycle of day and night leading to the discovery of the reason for the season. They will time the movement of the Sun to investigate and calculate the length of the day and if weather permits they will look through a professional telescope to see objects in the sky. In the recently upgraded digital planetarium they will learn to use the Southern Cross to find direction and identify seasonal changes in the sky.

Please note: 5:00pm session only available May through to July. The 6:30pm session is available April through to September.



Learner$1590 minute program
Session$240 minimum

Minimum program cost $240

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Curriculum Links

NSW Incorporating Australian Curriculum

Link Description
ST2-1VAshows interest in and enthusiasm for science and technology, responding to their curiosity, questions and perceived needs, wants and opportunities
ST2-4WSinvestigates their questions and predictions by analysing collected data, suggesting explanations for their findings, and communicating and reflecting on the processes undertaken
ST2-8ESdescribes some observable changes over time on the Earth's surface that result from natural processes and human activity
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