Pythagoras's theorem and Special relativity

Astronomy: HSC Relativity

Duration: 105 minutes

Physics Stage 6 Module 7: The Nature of Light (ACSPH133)

Explore Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity using custom 3D visualisation software. Learners will discover the origin of the time dilation equation using Pythagoras’ simple theorem – no complicated mathematics required! Study space-time to see why simultaneous events are special, and even visualise the concept of length contraction. Join us for a Q&A session around all things Relativity, while enjoying some light refreshments. If weather permits, learners will use a telescope to look at objects in the sky.

Smaller groups may combine or be combined with other schools.

Bookings are taken subject to availability.


Learner$15105 minute session

$15 per learner.

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