Mars Mission 5

Duration: 2 x 60-minute lessons
Monday–Friday, 9.00 am–4.00 pm AEST Video Conference Book Tickets

This program is currently under development and is expected to be available from late 2019

Mars Mission 5 will fill your classroom with a genuine sense of wonder, discovery and hi-tech science. This exciting 2-part video conference program, led by the Mars Lab team, gives your class an engaging framework to talk about space, consider the possibility of life on other planets and to carry out an authentic collaborative scientific investigation.

Part 1 is a 45-minute video conference that introduces students to the search for life on Mars, gives clues about what features to look for on our re-created Martian surface, and demonstrates the tools they will use to plan and practise their mission.

Part 2 is held about a week later and is a 90-minute video conference and internet connection. Students will remotely control a robot rover across the Mars Yard in their mission to search for evidence of life. Images captured by students with the rover’s cameras are made available for download and post-mission analysis. All from your classroom!

This is a two part program comprising 2 x 60-minute video conference classes.

How to book


  • Downloadable program guide (click the link to access right away!)
  • Special access to Mars Lab web-based mission planning and teleoperation digital tools for the duration of the program.


While this program is led by the Mars Lab team via video conference, you and your class must complete the pre-mission classroom activities shown in Part 1, prior to the Part 2 rover driving mission.

This program requires a video conferencing facility and various internet-connected computers or tablets.

Mission Day Setup




Group$140includes both sessions
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Plan Your Experience

All the information you need to plan your video conference is available on the Video Conferences - How to Connect page

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