Red Room Poetry Object 2019 - School Workshop

Duration: 2 hours

MAAS is delighted to be co-presenting a series of workshops with Red Room Poetry as part of Poetry Object 2019.

Poetry Object is Australasia’s largest free poetry-writing competition for young people, with over $10,000 in prizes to be won! Poetry Object ignites imaginations by inviting young writers (Years 3-10) and their teachers to create poems inspired by treasured, curious or talismanic objects.

Join Red Room Poetry guest poets and MAAS Curator Campbell Bickerstaff to explore creative and interpretive writing inspired by the Museum collection and special objects of your own.

How can a Museum be like a time machine? Unpack the imaginative and poetic possibilities contained within your special object to consider what it might mean across time. Use your ideas to curate an exhibition for the future that unveils secrets of the world we live in today.


Learner$202 hour program
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