School incursion

Duration: 120 minutes
Monday to Thursday from sunset at your school Book Tickets

Australia’s oldest observatory can now bring telescopes to your Sydney metropolitan school for an evening under the stars. For the best experience choose a night near the First Quarter Moon and our telescopes will reveal craters, mountains and ‘seas’ in stunning detail. Depending on the time of year we will explore the Milky Way and look at constellations such as the Southern Cross while sharing some Indigenous sky lore of the oldest star watchers on the planet.

Worried about the weather? No need, as we have a newly developed Augmented Reality (AR) program where learners erect a model of the Solar System and see up to 20 different objects as though they had flown to each one for a close and personal private tour. On cloudy nights we also use our Indigenous/Western planispheres for an introduction into navigating the sky and its uses for time keeping and as a calendar marker.

For up to 80 learners up to 2 hours at your site we provide two Sydney Observatory staff, two large telescopes, binoculars for self-guided exploration, star maps and bad weather alternatives ready to go. One extra staff and telescope is recommend for every additional 40 learners or part thereof.

For Moon phase dates, details and bookings please call 9217 0222.