Special Objects VC

What makes an object special? Find out how a museum collects, keeps and looks after objects by creating a collection of your very own special things in this hands-on video conference. Learners are invited to bring in a special object to contribute to a class collection. Transforming into Museum Curators, learners will think about the different reasons why an object can be considered special, assess the significance of their own special object and write their own museum registration tag.

This workshop was co-designed with 5W from Baulkham Hills North Public School, and their teachers Ms Brammer and Ms Wyber.

Please note: for alternative session times, please make a note in your booking request form.

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All the information you need to plan your video conference is available on the Video Conferences - How to Connect page

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Learning Resources

Curriculum Links

NSW Incorporating Australian Curriculum

Link Description
HT1-4demonstrates skills of historical inquiry and communication
HT2-5applies skills of historical inquiry and communication
HT3-5applies a variety of skills of historical inquiry and communication
HTLS-1recognises personal connections to history
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Mars Mission 5 VC

An engaging framework to consider space, the possibility of interplanetary life, and an authentic collaborative scientific investigation. Two Video Conference events. Total costs $360.