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Stage 3 Astronomy: Earth's Place in the Solar System

Duration: 90 minutes

Learners will explore Earth’s place in the Solar System by:

  • observing and comparing the Earth to the other members of our planetary family
  • building a single scale model of the Solar system in which they see first hand the vastness of space
  • collecting data to calculate the length of the day, after all HOW do you know it’s 24 hours long?
  • making the similar observations as Galileo to show we are not the centre of the Universe.

Every group will:

  • Look through a telescope (weather permitting) at the surface of the Sun during the day or the Moon, planets and stars at night
  • Experience pristine dark sky in the digital planetarium where clouds never ruin the view
  • Use our unique augmented reality app to explore the Solar System.

Every school receives:

  • Make your own sundial template
  • See, Think, Wonder thinking routine lenticular bookmark
  • The ‘Sky this Month’ star chart

Before coming for a program please show your learners this short video on how to look through a telescope. It will make the experience more enjoyable and potentially save enough time to allow us to show extra objects.

Please note:

The 5:00 pm session is available May through to July.

The 6:30 pm session is available April through to September.


Learner$15Groups of 18 or more
Session$240 minimumGroups of 17 or less
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