Transport: The Past in the Present

Duration: 45 minutes
Monday - Friday
Powerhouse Museum
Museums Discovery Centre
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Are you interested in investigating the past and present of your local community? Explore the Transport Hall at either the Powerhouse Museum or Museums Discovery Centre with one of our awesome educators, examining different forms of transport in the Museum’s collection. Begin with a conversation about the modes of transport we use today before discussing the similarities and differences they have with forms of transport from the past. Think about how changes in technology, society and culture impacted on this important aspect of daily life and share ideas about what might happen in the future.


Learner$1045 minute program
Session$180 minimum
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Plan Your Experience

All the information you need to plan your visit is available on the following pages:

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Learning Resources

Curriculum Links

NSW Incorporating Australian Curriculum

Link Description
HT1-3describes the effects of changing technology on people's lives over time
HT1-4demonstrates skills of historical inquiry and communication
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