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Video Conference: Technology Case Studies

Duration: 50 minutes
1 August 2020 - 30 June 2021 Video Conference Book Tickets

Immerse your learners in real-life technology in the application of three curated case studies. Learners will look at what it takes to: create a large scale digital interactive for use in a museum gallery; develop virtual reality and augmented reality products for use in public spaces; and create a fully functional replica of a Mars Rover.

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Session30 Maximum$110
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Curriculum links

Stage 4 
TE4 – 1DP 


Designs, communicates and evaluates innovative ideas and creative solutions to authentic problems or opportunities 




Explains how people in technology related professions contribute to society now and into the future 




Stage 5 
Information and Software Technologies 5.2.1 


Describes and applies problem-solving processes when creating solutions 



Information and Software Technologies 5.5.1 


Applies collaborative work practices and solutions to a targeted audience 





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