Through our strategic ambitions of curiosity, creativity, collaboration and sustainability, MAAS is committed to advancing knowledge through research. Our evolving collection is a key part of the way in which we inspire and foster scholarly inquiry, sharing new knowledge we generate with the public.

Guided by our Research Strategy (2015-2020), we will play a key role in identifying areas of future research and investigation to enable us to continue undertaking a rigorous program of interdisciplinary research across applied arts and sciences.

Research areas
Our research will focus around eight key areas:

  • Technologies
  • Health and Medicine
  • Physical sciences
  • Engineering
  • Architecture and the Built Environment
  • Design and Decorative Arts
  • Fashion
  • Contemporary Culture

MAAS is committed to building a vibrant and supportive research culture enabling our researchers to partner with those in cultural and academic institutions to develop innovative approaches to researching material culture and the museum context.

For a copy of the MAAS Research Strategy 2015-2020 please email