Photo Library

The MAAS Photo Library contains over 250,000 images (colour and black + white) of objects in the collection, exhibitions, and Museum events. The primary purpose of this collection is to record and document the Museum’s collection, and to provide an image bank for the Museum’s publications and exhibitions.

The Photo Library also caters to a growing demand from external publishers and authors for illustrations of objects in the Museum’s collection. Images are also made available for appropriate commercial purposes. Fees are applicable to any external use. Please see the Image Services Schedule of Fees (pdf document) for more details.

Hours: 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday
(access by appointment only)
tel: (02) 9217 0561

For information on fees and copyright issues,
contact: Rights and Permissions Officer
tel: (02) 9217 0172

Photo Library
Powerhouse Museum
PO Box K346
Tel (02) 9217 0561