Sartorial Stories – Sara Youssef

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I’m Sara, an 18-year-old Muslim-Australian college student, born and raised in Sydney. I’m currently a Fashion editor/blogger for Hijab House, a role that I won in an online competition.

My interests have always revolved around Fashion & Photography. My passion for photography is beyond words; I always find a way to translate what I see in my view finder to a momentous, realistic photograph.

I come from a Lebanese background where fashion is all about the more ‘glitz & glam’ the better. My theory however is ‘less is more’ which is what I have adapted to since I was young. I consider myself having a great eye for design and styling which is most likely inherited from my beautiful mother.

The first image below is me and my wonderful camera. The second image is from the competition that I won as mentioned above. The last two images are outfits I styled which are also on my fashion blog ‘Muslim Fashion Guide’.

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