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My name is Suzanne Yassin. I am 19 years old and currently studying Property Law while working as a retail clothing assistant at ‘Modern Designs’ by Fay Tellaoui. I’m not your average ‘girly girl’. Growing up as a kid, I’ve always been into sports – pretty much a ‘Tomboy’. I was crowned sports champion for 3 years in a row and also ranked as the No. 1 athlete at such occasions. I’ve always had a passion for sports, and still do. It’s a part of me, showing who I am.

The way I dress symbolises me, myself and I – expressing my view towards fashion and giving me the freedom to dress up the way I want. I also see it have an effect on others. I see myself as a role model as I am a young teenage Muslim wearing the hijab, so I feel it is my obligation to represent my faith in the truest form which symbolises compassion, peace and love unlike the way the media portrays it.

We are privileged to have many Islamic clothing stores such as Fay Tellaoui providing the community with a variety of modest clothing and dazzling styles. Not only have they abolished the idea of people thinking that Museum women are to dress in a “long black abaya” (almost like a grim reaper look-a-like garment), but that it celebrates the idea that Muslim women can still be modest and fashionable.

As for me, I tend to find that my sort of style is quite unique. I combine faith, modesty and fashion all in one. I guess collars would be my signature style. The use of business shirts accompanied with vests and topping it off with a corporate style jacket it what I like. I like it because it gives off that smart, casual and classy look all in one and it also suits my personality.

I would say that my style is a pretty much relaxed sort of style. I incorporate different types of clothing depending on seasons and moods. I take a modern approach and then dress according to the situation or occasion.

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