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This form is for ordering an Corporate Name a Star Package. If you are looking for the Individual package, please look here.

Please note: Please note: Due to high demand, the current processing time for new Name a Star orders is approximately seven days. For urgent orders please call 9921 3476.


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Optional. The address of the recipient. This is kept for records only and nothing is sent to this address.

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The town or city in Australia from which the star will be viewed.

Naming Occasion

Optional. The occasion or reason for the star will be reflected in the covering letter. Popular naming occasions include birthdays, anniversaries and remembrances.

Selecting your Star *

You can select your star with:

A Date

This date will appear on the certificate as the date when the star was named. The week around this date will be the best time to see the star, and will be visible for 7 weeks either side of the date.


A Constellation

If you do not have a specific date for the certificate, choose a constellation and we will pick the best available star in that part of the sky. Each constellation is easily visible for about 3 months each year.

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