Photo by James Horan

Name a Star

Look to the heavens above and Name a Star in the southern sky! Each star in the Sydney Southern Star Catalogue compiled by Sydney Observatory astronomers* is unique and will only be named once, by you. Throughout 2018, Sydney Observatory is also offering a limited number of premium stars in celebration of the Observatory’s 160th birthday. These stars have a far brighter magnitude and come with a special certificate.

All available stars are visible from anywhere in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere, including the telescopes at Sydney Observatory. Please note that the Name a Star program is not suitable if you wish to view your star in the Northern Hemisphere.

You can also book a private viewing of your star through the Observatory’s telescopes for an additional $60 (weather permitting^).

Each individual Name A Star gift is non-refundable and fully tax-deductible, with your donation helping to fund Sydney Observatory’s maintenance, heritage and collection programs.


Unable to complete the online form?

  • Print the appropriate form for your request (individuals or corporations)
  • Scan and email it to OR
  • Fax it to Sydney Observatory on (02) 9921 3489 OR
  • Mail it to Sydney Observatory, 1003 Upper Fort Street, Millers Point, NSW, 2000

*The Sydney Southern Star Catalogue was compiled by Sydney Observatory during its time as a research facility and published in 1983. It was observed, measured and catalogued at Sydney Observatory.

Sydney Observatory’s Name A Star program does not offer international naming rights to the star. It is an official tax-deductible donations program run by astronomers, the income from which goes towards the Observatory’s collection, heritage and programs.