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The Beatles in Australia Interviews

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An Interview with Jenny Kee [12:06]
Jenny Kee was 17 when she met John Lennon in Sydney. The Beatles had a great impact on her life and work.


An Interview with Jennie Small: Beatlemaniac [13:58]
Jennie Small was a schoolgirl when she saw the Beatles in Sydney.


An Interview with Liz Stevenson: Beatles collector [4:33]
Liz Stevenson is passionate about her collection of Beatles memorabilia.


An Interview with Keri Phillips: concert goer [5:08]
Keri Phillips was 14 when she saw The Beatles at the Sydney Stadium.


An Interview with Bob Rogers [4:07]
Bob Rogers remembers his tour with The Beatles.


An Interview with Roger Henning [6:04]
Journalist Roger Henning discuses his experiences with The Beatles.


An Interview with Dave Glyde aka Major Griff West [6:09]
Dave Glyde of Sounds Incorporated gives a candid insight into life on tour with The Beatles.


An Interview with Glenn A. Baker [7:04]
Glenn A. Baker discusses the influence of The Beatles.


An Interview with Johnny Devlin [4:38]
Support Act Johnny Devlin takes us through his time on the tour.


Glenn Shorrock discusses the impact of The Beatles [6:20]
Glenn Shorrock discusses the impact of The Beatles on music in Australia.


Personal Stories – Barbara Simpson [1:04]
Barbara Simpson was an air hostess on a flight with The Beatles. She talks about how nice they were on the flight.


Personal Stories – Johnny Chester [2:17]
Johnny Chester talks about touring Australia as a support act on The Beatles concert.


Personal Stories – Malcolm Cooke [1:41]
Malcolm Cooke was the assistant to the promoter Kenn Brodziak of Aztec Services. He explains Kenn chose The Beatles because he lliked the name.


Personal Stories – Steve Karaoglanis [1:28]
Steve Karaoglanis was a pageboy at the Southern Cross Hotel, Melbourne. He says he couldn’t wait to get to work.


Personal Stories – Susette Webb [1:18]
Susette Webb was the President of The Beatles fan club in Melbourne. She talks about meeting The Beatles.


Personal Stories – Brian Reader [1:16]
Brian Reader was a security guard on The Beatles tour. He says the briefing was to protect The Beatles at all costs.


3UZ Radio Broadcast 14th of June 1964 [5:28]


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The Beatles in Australia Essay

Curator Peter Cox discusses ‘The Beatles in Australia’ exhibition, presented by the Powerhouse Museum and Arts Centre Melbourne in 2013.