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Eisha Saleh
Eisha Saleh

Eisha Saleh is director and designer for the modest fashion label Baraka Women, founded in Sydney in 2008. The label emerged in part from Eisha’s experience of putting on the hijab (headscarf) and not being able to find the fashionable styles she was used to wearing in more modest lengths and silhouettes. At first the label’s focus was on modest staples but Eisha has recently moved to a more personal aesthetic with long, loose minimalist layers enhanced by dramatic prints and detailing.

In Eisha’s words

“I wanted the label to reflect a sense of myself, something that felt like a conversation with the woman wearing what I had created. For me, that translates to love. A love of modesty, a love of fabric, a love of creating in Australia and a love of sharing that with others. Doing that well means that woman will wear each piece because it’s worthy of that and not just to cover up.”

“We have a diverse range of customers, both Muslim women and Non-Muslim women. What unites them is that they can see how our products fit into their lives. For some it’s because our fabrics are linen or cotton, it’s cool and relaxed because our cuts are simple and effortless. They are mums or they work and are busy; there is no time for fiddly restrictive pieces.”

Interview with Baraka Women [7:35]